A selection of projects I've done.

Color Image to Grayscale Conversion

In Color2Gray: Salience-Preserving Color Removal Gooch et al. describe an algorithm to convert a color into a gray image. They state: Visually important image features often disappear when color images are converted to grayscale. The algorithm introduced here reduces such losses by attempting to preserve the salient features of the color image.

The results of their approach are very impressive and overcome limits of current implementations used in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Although the quality is good the algorithm itself is slow. Please read their paper for additional information regarding the runtime. I'm using an heuristic (see here) that is linear in the number of pixels and produces high quality results. The following images are taken from the Color2Gray Website compared to my solution.

3D Engines

Over the time I've created some engines to learn and explore virtual reality.


Target: High Performance Rendering, Physical Simulation


Target: Gaming

VLE Toolkit

Target: Dynamic Worlds with destructable terrain.


Inspired by Ned Greene (Voxel Space Automata) and Douglas Adams (Magrathea) this application examines artificial growth processes in voxel space.